What is LARP?

Do you remember when as children with friends we pretended to be swordsmen, with a wooden spoon as sword and a pillow as a shield? When we played at being pirates, jumping on the bed as if it were a boarding party? Or when with a sheet over our shoulders and our fists on our hips we posed as superheroes? Then followed the conquests of new invented continents, the rescues of those in danger, the fights for freedom! Unknowingly we were role-playing live.

Larp (from "Live Action Role Play") is a playful experience in which participants dress up as fictional characters and all together create a choral story.

This activity has similarities to interactive or improvisational theater, but the spectators within a larp are the players themselves.

A group of authors and organizers writes the event, deciding its setting, plots, and the plot of the characters involved in the overall story. They work on its production by scouting locations such as castles, villas or forests, setting up with scenery suitable for the setting and leading it during its execution.

Players decide which character to immerse themselves in for the duration of the event, and with the use of costumes consistent with the setting they participate in the game, creating an engaging story.

It feels like being on a movie set where all the people are constantly and simultaneously in the spotlight, as everyone is the protagonist of their own story.

Players physically move, talk, and make decisions while playing the characters they have chosen and been assigned. These are typically described through background information: a past, meaningful relationships, purpose, and issues to be resolved.

Through actions taken during the event, participants influence each other, unraveling the threads of the story's weave and then rewiring them.

The aim is to live a fun and unusual experience, to experience roles different from ours, to let go to immersion and, once the event is over, to return to reality with something more than before.

The genres of larp are as many as those of film. Drama, historical, fantasy, science fiction, action are just a few of the many events that have taken place to date.

You don't have to be a professional actor or stage animal to participate. It is necessary to be open to an unusual and exciting experience, giving ourselves a treat and leaving aside the problems of everyday life.

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