Mission: Return Home

Gli umani sono il luogo più caldo dove nascondersi.

LARP - Sci-fi / Horror

You look at your colleagues. You used to consider them friends. Almost family. But there is no doubt... it was one of them. Look into their eyes. Which one of them did it? They stare back at you. The ice is unforgiving. You have to choose who to trust. And hope... you've made the right choice.

The workers at the Arctic station look at each other, amazement etched on their faces. The alarm that has been ringing for a few seconds now is ringing in their ears. But more than the noise, they are stunned by the writing on each monitor. "Warning. Contamination alert. Please follow Quarantine protocol."

Once the first moments have passed, the scientists, doctors, engineers and supervisors set off, while the security staff check that the evacuation is going smoothly.

For everyone, the final mission begins.

To understand. To survive. To return home.

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