United Nation here: stop or I fire!

LARP - History drama

During a peacekeeping operation, a UN Blue Helmets platoon will find themselves having to fight a war against their own beliefs and doubts; in the meanwhile a village of civilians and refugees will struggle against the horror of the civil war. One desperate need for everyone: survival and to remain human.

An event set in the recent past, which speaks of peacekeeping and dramatic ethical choices in the theater of a bloody civil war, in a country devastated by military and religious conflicts and ethnic cleansing. A LARP with two different experiences that converge in a common climax: 

You will be part of a UN squad made up of a small group of officials escorted by a platoon of blue helmets and war reporters on a patrol mission in an operational area. This group will play a three-day event, in which knowledge of the English language is mandatory even at low levels. UN members will have to scout a wild area and build a camp, taking weapons, tents and equipment with them during the entire walk in the middle of nature.

Alternatively, you will be one of the civilians who live in a remote mountain village, where refugees from nearby destroyed villages have also taken refuge. Civilians will play a two-day, permanent event in which fluent knowledge of the Italian language is mandatory. The members of civil society will experience all the terrible conflicts and dilemmas of a population torn by hatred, surrounded by external enemies, but with deep divisions within it: a people that aspires to a longed-for and apparently unattainable peace.

PEACE is an event suitable for an adult and aware public, it talks of action and tragedy, but also of reflection on the role of international organizations and on the concepts of peace and war. 

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